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Clutch Service in Issaquah, WA

Make your clutch operate like new with clutch repair and maintenance from Rob's Transmission Shop in Issaquah, Washington. With proper clutch service, your vehicle will operate efficiently at all speeds.

Wear & Tear

Clutches usually last 110,000 - 140,000 miles, which is not bad for an item designed to wear out. They can also be abused and wear out or break prematurely. Engine tune and driver habits are what wear out clutches prematurely.
There are special clutches available for towing, racing and power modifications but generally a factory clutch installed properly will last as long, or longer, than the original all things being created equal. Even minor engine enhancements don't require super clutches. The super clutches, in general, do not drive as smoothly as factory clutches but in certain applications they are a must.
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Usually, the first sign of a clutch failing is slipping at freeway speeds in fifth gear, progressively working backwards through the gears. A high clutch engagement on the pedal before the vehicle starts to move is also a sign of clutch wear. Sometimes this can be adjusted (at no charge) and many more miles driven.

Recommended Service

Proper clutch replacement would definitely include resurfacing the flywheel to true flat on a grinder not a lathe, replacing the release bearing, pilot bearing, clutch disc, and pressure plate. Additional items to consider while the transmission is out are seals.

The replacement of the engine rear main oil is relatively easy on most vehicles with the clutch already removed. It's probably leaking anyway and if it is not, with the amount of miles on it, likely it soon will. We remove the seal and polish the carbon deposits off the sealing surface and install the new seal.

Axle seals and drive shaft seals should also be considered. They have lost their elasticity from the years of use and, in the process of transmission removal, they've just been disturbed. It's the same installation procedure as the rear main seal. Lastly, if the transmission does not have a drain plug, we'll set it upside down to drain the fluid before installing it.
Visit our auto repair shop in Issaquah, Washington, for services that restore your clutch operation.