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Auto Maintenance in Issaquah, Washington

Extend your vehicle's life with auto maintenance from Rob's Transmission Shop in Issaquah, Washington. By maintaining a regular service schedule, you prevent premature wear and tear on many of your car's components.

Scheduled Maintenance

Most manufacturers recommend automatic transmission services at 30,000-plus miles except under extreme use. Their definition of extreme use is stop-and-go driving, quick trips, hilly terrain, and climate changes.
The average service recommendation for extreme use is at 15,000 miles. We recommend automatic transmission service at 10,000 - 15,000 miles in addition to manual transmission and differential and transfer case service at 45,000 - 50,000 miles based on application. Consult your owner's manual.
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There are three types of automatic transmission services: flush, pan removal, or both. In our opinion, pan removal is the best option in both cost
and effectiveness.
Another benefit from routinely servicing your vehicle is the overall inspection of the drive train. Inspection can find problems before they are apparent while driving. Repairing a problem before drivability is compromised will lead to the best performance and durability of your vehicle.

The question asked most often is about how much fluid is removed in each service. Flushing in some applications removes more of the old fluid, whereas pan removal and torque converter draining does so in others.

The key part to service is not all about the fluid but rather the cleaning out of the normal debris in the pan and on the magnet in the pan, and the cleaning or replacement of the filter. Transmission fluid does not get contaminated like engine oil with antifreeze and combustion gasses. It is just transmission fluid. That is why transmission fluid does not need to be changed as often as engine oil.

In fact, the fluid used in most vehicles is capable of running 100,000 miles. The lubricity does not change much but the color will. The color is just a pigment, which over time will change from the heat normally created in transmissions.


By routinely servicing your transmission, you do several things. With the tight tolerances and internal electronics in today's automatic transmissions, normal debris accumulation can cause subtle changes in the operation of your transmission, which over time could cause a failure.

Some of the internal transmission electronics are magnets when energized, so they are prone to plugging with this normal debris. There are filters and magnets in transmissions, which are designed to catch this debris when changed and cleaned on a regular basis.
Come to our auto repair shop in Issaquah, Washington, for bumper-to-bumper vehicle maintenance.