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Transmission Repair & Maintenance in Issaquah, Washington

Improve your vehicle's operation with transmission repair and maintenance from our shop in Issaquah, Washington. Like our name suggests, Rob's Transmission Shop handles all of your transmission and related services conveniently and affordably. Call us at (425) 313-8956 for more information.

Quick Service

At Rob's Transmission Shop in Issaquah, Washington, we do things right! When you bring your vehicle to us, we offer free local towing with major repairs and a free road test and evaluation. We strive to do the best in the industry and to fix your vehicle correctly, completely, and cleanly. Our specialty services include:
Car Transmission - Auto Repair in Issaquah, WA
Certain 4x4s, tow and performance, and altered applications need special attention. Rob's Transmission Shop in Issaquah, Washington, can set up the correct package necessary for your situation.

We customize machine parts to increase performance and durability by replacing washers with bearings, installing extra clutches, or whatever is necessary to achieve the longest lasting transmission available. Other processes can include cryogenically treated components, ceramic coatings, and much more.

Installing overdrives into vehicles without originally, converting two-wheel drive vehicles into four-wheel drive, and exchanging a manual transmission for an automatic or vice versa is not a problem. We can set everything up as if designed at the factory.

Additionally, our staff is very familiar with the use of brand names, including but not limited to companies like Banks™, BD™, South Bend™, Centerforce™, TST™, Trans-Go™, B&M™, TCI™, Raybestos™, Alto™, Gear Vendors™, etc.
Differential and Transfer Case
Proper differential gear ratio will improve performance and actually increase reliability and gas mileage. Correct gear ratios will reduce stresses in the differential, driveline, transfer case, transmission, and engine. There are several options available for traction improvements dependent on vehicle application.

Transfer cases transmit power to the front and rear differentials. This can be done simultaneously or individually. Some are computer controlled and vary power distribution to the front and rear wheels dependent on traction requirements.

In these systems known commonly as AWD, On-Demand, etc., there is a component in the transfer case that allows a predetermined amount of slip to differentiate between the speeds of the front and rear drive shafts. This slip is based on tire size and differential gear ratio.

On these vehicles rotate tires when recommended by the manufacturer and always replace as a set. The front tires tend to wear out faster so frequent rotation will keep them all close to the same circumference. A circumference difference of just one-half of an inch can lead to failure. Even brand new tires can be close to this excessive limit.

Any excessive slip can lead to transfer case failure. The most common cause of this type of failure is due to under inflated and or incorrect tire sizes.

Transmission Services:

  • Automatic & Manual
  • Front, Rear, & All Wheel Drive
  • RV & Fleet
  • Custom Heavy Duty & Performance
  • Clutch
  • Differential & Axle
Bring your vehicle to our transmission repair shop in Issaquah, Washington, for detailed repair and service.